Optix Pro Series 30" LED Bar

Optix Pro Series 30" LED Bar

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Our signature series light bar was designed with innovative Total Internal Reflection technology. This enables 95% of the output from the LED to be projected forward as usable light. These lights also have separately controlled “DRL” style halo lighting around the spotlights. The efficiency of this light, along with the eye-catching design and ruggedness make it one of our top selling models.


  • 18,000 lumens

  • 108 watts

  • Contains 18, six watt High Intensity CREE LEDs

  • Black panel design

  • IP68 Waterproof rating

  • Military grade Moisture Breather Technology prevents moisture build-up behind the lens

  • Durable die-cast aluminum housing

  • Noise Silencing Design eliminates hum, whistle, and other wind noises associated with mounted LED Light bars

  • Length: 31 1/2”

  • Height: 2 1/8”

  • Depth: 2 3/4”

  • Lifetime Warranty

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