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Built by overland enthusiasts: We produce the brightest most durable LED lights for the price.


Illinois valley  

13.7135° S, 76.1842° W

We provide our customers with bright, quality lights that last. Whether you are planning to head off-road in your truck or you need a smaller light to mount on an ATV, motorcycle or boat, Element LED is sure to have exactly what you need. Plus, all our products are durable – providing illumination you can count on, when you need it most.


Our customers invest a lot in their rigs, and we do too.


100% badass


oUr lights are state of the art LED technology that is as rugged as where the road takes you.

Element LED lights:

  • Ensure visibility in dark, hard-to-see areas

  • Are highly durable and built to withstand rough terrain

  • Long lasting – average life span of our lights is 50,000 hours

  • Resistant to water and other harsh weather conditions

  • Install quickly and easily

  • Look great wherever they are placed

  • Are backed by industry leading customer support


Nothing is more important than exceeding customer expectations and providing excellent customer service.



Our lights are designed by overland enthusiasts who know the needs of the trail. Finding the most durable materials to meet the demands of wherever your next adventure takes you.


From the birthplace of each Element LED to your doorstep and finally installed on your rig, we have meticulously planned out the process of taking you from the buy button to the trail.

customer service

Throughout the entire lifecycle of owning your product we are here to help. Whether that means hopping on the phone or shooting back emails at the speed of light, we've got your back.